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20-Mar-18ACD/Labs Files Lawsuit for Copyright Infringement Against MestreLab Research
18-Oct-17ACD/Labs Announces Updates to its Spectrus Informatics Platform
29-Aug-17ACD/Labs Collaborates with Pearson to Improve Student Achievement in Chemistry
14-Aug-17ACD/Labs Collaboration Provides NMR Data to Brazilian Biodiversity Natural Products Database
27-Mar-17ACD/Labs Highlights NMR Prediction Software Collaboration at ENC 2017
6-Mar-17ACD/Labs Introduces New Product for Managing Impurity Profile Information at PITTCON 2017
30-Nov-16Boehringer Ingelheim Selects ACD/Labs for International Deployment
19-Oct-16Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Selects ACD/Labs for Analytical Data Handling and Knowledge Management
12-Oct-16ACD/Labs Announces Updates to its Informatics Software
23-Aug-16ACD/Labs Announces Integration of ACD/ChemSketch with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Publicly Accessible Chemistry Dashboard

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