Analytical Data Processing and Chemical Characterization for Chemists with ACD/Spectrus Processor

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One-of-a-kind software to help you get answers from analytical data no matter the analytical technique or instrument vendor

Process, interpret, analyze, and review NMR, LC/MS, IR, and other analytical data, in one interface. ACD/Spectrus Processor provides support for all your major instrument vendor data formats (view supported data formats), and assistance with confirmation that spectral data matches a given chemical structure/structural fragments. Retain your interpretations and assignments, and create publication-ready data with a few clicks.

All-in-one Data Processing and Chemical Characterization

Users Say

Dr Rainer Ebel (University of Aberdeen) on teaching with ACD/Spectrus Processor
"ACD/Spectrus Processor is a really powerful tool, as you can use it for processing the output of a variety of different methods including NMR, MS, IR and chromatographic data. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to use, and one of its major strengths is that it is independent of the instrument manufacturer, which makes it possible to process all relevant data with a common software interface."

Dr. Amin Mirza (Institute of Cancer Research) on deploying ACD/Spectrus Processor to manage and streamline the processing of analytical data
"We provide our medicinal chemists with a dozen LC/MS, LC/UV, and NMR instruments from various vendors including Agilent, Bruker, Gilson, Thermo, and Waters. Using one tool to process and analyze all this data, instead of a suite of five or more, will certainly streamline the efforts of my group."

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