A New Look and New Features for Well-Known ACD/Labs Predictive Software

ACD/Percepta consolidates PhysChem, ADME, and Tox property predictions plus more into a unified, intuitive interface

Toronto, Canada (March 14, 2011)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs), the market-leader in physiochemical prediction software, unveils a new platform encompassing all of its physicochemical, ADME, and Tox prediction capabilities. With a common interface, and new functionality for a variety of applications including structure-based design, ACD/Percepta enables users to work with both ACD/Labs and customer data in one seamless environment.

Significant innovations found in ACD/Percepta include the following:

  • A streamlined, user-friendly interface that applies to all of ACD/Labs' PhysChem, ADME, and Toxicity predictive models
  • Integrated Spreadsheet View—a productivity tool that facilitates analysis of user data and multiple structures allowing data manipulation, filtering, and analysis
  • Enhanced Structure Design functionality that enables structure optimization by PhysChem, ADME, and Toxicity parameters
  • A modular environment with the flexibility to enable functionality relevant to your workflow

With tools for a variety of applications from simple exploratory research to the deeper study of the relationship between structure and properties, ACD/Percepta offers unique value.

"Over the years our predictive models have provided significant value to our customers as standalone applications," says Pranas Japertas, Director of Development, PhysChem and ADMET for ACD/Labs. "The new integrated platform leverages the value of each application, and puts a wide variety of powerful features in one modern interface. Percepta will be an indispensable diagnostic tool to assist chemists with lead discovery, lead optimization, and safety assessment."

For more information, visit www.perceptasoftware.com.