ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition

This freeware download is no longer available.

ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition was retired as of February 2016. We still offer the most comprehensive tools for processing, analysis, and interpretation of NMR data in ACD/Spectrus Processor.

Teaching a course?

If you were teaching or organizing a course using ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition, we are happy to discuss your options for continuing to use our software. Contact Us.

What is ACD/Spectrus Processor?

ACD/Spectrus Processor provides all the 1D and 2D NMR tools and capabilities you may need along with processing and interpretation for all other major analytical techniques (LC/MS, IR, Raman, and more) in one package. With capabilities to help with structure verification and multiplet reports at the click of a button, it contains everything you need to understand your spectra and to report/publish your results quickly and easily. Learn more about ACD/Spectrus Processor.

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