ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition

Free NMR processing software for academic and non-commercial use only.

ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition has basic and advanced functions for processing 1D and 2D NMR data from any instrument quickly and efficiently. Use ACD/NMR Processor at the instrument, or away from the lab, to carry out basic spectral manipulations, attach chemical structures and assign correlations, handle spectral series, add or subtract spectra, and much more. ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition includes ACD/ChemSketch Freeware and all of the same processing features of ACD/NMR Processor.

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ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition is for academic and non-commercial use only.


  • Provides tools for basic spectral manipulations such as Fourier Transform, weighting functions, manual and automated phase correction, baseline correction, and calibration
  • Supports import of FID and FT data from all major spectrometer vendor formats including Bruker, Varian, and JEOL (see the full list below)
  • Attach structures to spectra and easily assign correlations by clicking and dragging from atom to spectral peak
  • Handle spectral series, synchronize spectra, and add or subtract two spectra
  • Macro capabilities including templates and macro organizer for completely automated data processing


  • Process NMR data and manipulate spectra remote from the instrument
  • Obtain clear, concise, and consistent reports of NMR data for publication/reporting
  • Reduce the burden of 2D NMR verification and evaluation

Additional Resources

View the Full List of Supported NMR Formats

Vendor File Format Required Parameter Files Optional Parameter Files
ACD/Labs *.spectrus, *.esp, *.txt
Acorn NMR, Inc. *.fid, *.nmr, *.2d
Agilent (Varian, Inc.) data, *.fdf, fid0001.fdf, *.txt, fid, phasefile acq, proc, procpar acq_2, text
ASCII† *.txt; *.prn, *.csv, *.asc
Bruker Corporation ser, rr, .fid, *r, 1i, 2rr,
*.* (DISNMR)
acqus, procs, acqu2, proc2s, *.fqs, *.fa1, *.fa2, *.fp1, *.fp2 title, intrng, *.tit, *.ti2
GE *.raw, *.* (Nicolet)
JCAMP† *.dx; *.jdx
JEOL Ltd. *.als, *.nmfid, *.nmf, *.nmdata, *.nmd, *.gxd, *.bin, *.* (Delta) *.gxp, *.hdr exp.param, exp.par
Lybrics *.*
MSI Felix *.*
Tecmag *.tnt, *.* (MacNMR)
Thermo Scientific† *.spc

† File export is also supported (in the case of JCAMP, for 1D NMR only)

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