ACD/Labs Percepta Platform—Insight-driven Decision Support for Teams That Design and Synthesize New Chemical Entities

In Silico Prediction of Physicochemical, ADME, and Toxicity Properties

Clearly the industry standard PhysChem prediction models, and deserve the position. They are the most consistent predictions that are applicable and usable in more complex models of drug-likeness.
Computational Chemist

ACD/Percepta Platform

Industry Leading PhysChem, ADME, Tox Property Prediction

ACD/Percepta builds on over a decade of expertise, to deliver prediction algorithms, considered the best in the industry by computational chemist. These are available as individual modules for in-depth understanding of structure-property relationships, or as profiling packages for quick insights. This Percepta platform seamless environment includes our full complement of physicochemical; absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME); and toxicity properties. The Percepta platform offers a number of products and deployment options to suit your needs.

Data Mining, Visualization and Decision Support

In silico prediction of PhysChem and ADME-Tox properties provides scientists with information to help understand structure-property relationships, and explain the behaviour of novel compounds in the life sciences.

  • Dynamic visualization of results—structural fragment and atomic contributions provide insights to direct new projects, accelerate decision-making, and reduce trial-and-error experimentation
  • Analyze and review data using a multitude of sorting, plotting, and ranking tools
  • See the most similar structures in the database and use reliability index/probability to assess confidence in the predicted result

Knowledge-Sharing in a Collaborative Environment

ACD/Percepta provides an environment where experiments and knowledge may be leveraged time and again as organizational intelligence.

  • Extract greater value from our models by applying knowledge gained through measurement and experimentation to enhance existing models
  • Easily share in-house expertise throughout your organization by including proprietary models and algorithms
  • Synchronize project data across your organization and assign control to power users

Integration With In-House/Third-Party Models

Percepta offers organizations the ability to easily extend the functionality of the platform to their domain. Plug-in proprietary models and algorithms or those from third parties to create a single platform for data-driven research.

Property-Based Structure Design

Modify chemical structures for optimal property profiles by applying intelligence in structure design. Leverage project knowledge and in-built property prediction algorithms to guide chemical structure modification.

Chemist Friendly Interface

The Percepta platform provides a simple and visually-appealing user interface to deliver predicted property information.

Investigate and characterize molecules through physicochemical and ADME-Tox property prediction; analyze and interpret results to gain knowledge; apply corporate intelligence to speed and guide future work.