ACD/Spectrus Platform—Collect, Analyze, Interpret, and Unify Chemical, Structural, and Analytical Data in a Live Searchable Environment

Enables Research and Development Organizations to Extract, Retain, and Leverage Knowledge


Building on ACD/Labs expertise in spectroscopy, spectrometry, and chromatography software, and on current knowledge management solutions adopted by many organizations worldwide, the new ACD/Spectrus Platform enables research and development organizations to extract, retain, and leverage their knowledge like never before.

Freedom to Use the Instruments That Best Meet your Scientific Needs

The ACD/Spectrus Platform makes it easier than ever for organizations to manage unified analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, and combine it with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-agnostic homogeneous environment.

Unified Data Management

The Spectrus platform enables raw or processed data from different instruments, across laboratories to be combined into a single uniform environment for processing, interpretation, reporting, storage, and re-use.

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Enhance Productivity and Capture Knowledge

For nearly two decades ACD/Labs has developed advanced Spectral and Chromatographic Data Handling tools that enhance the way scientists extract chemically relevant answers from analytical experiments. Applications on the Spectrus platform help scientists apply their knowledge and expertise to unified chemical, structural, and analytical data, and through a combination of dynamic visualization and advanced algorithms, enable confident decision-making.

Combining our Chemical Handling and Nomenclature capabilities with handling of analytical data, the ACD/Spectrus Platform has an unmatched ability to preserve the relationship between chemical entities and analytical data—greatly increasing the efficiency of knowledge creation from analytical information.

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Capture and Leverage the Intelligence Gained from Analytical Data Interpretation

By connecting analytical and chemical information, along with the scientist's own interpretations, our tools capture the insights derived from analytical experiments. Effortless access to completed projects reduces re-work and increases individual productivity. In addition, by feeding this knowledge into the Spectrus environment, the advanced algorithmic tools used in day-to-day routines can be enriched with organizational knowledge.

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Gain Efficiencies Through Collaborative Science

The Spectrus Platform offers an environment for scientists to collaborate with colleagues in other departments, and different sites, no matter the instruments, software, or techniques used. A uniform platform for analytical data processing, interpretation, and knowledge-sharing with integration for third-party tools, Spectrus facilitates communication and access to information, accelerating the R&D process and offering gains in productivity and efficiency.

A unique chemical intelligence and knowledge management platform, ACD/Spectrus is part of an organization's integrated cheminformatics infrastructure that provides unified laboratory intelligence.

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