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Katalyst D2D®

High Throughput Experimentation Made Easier Than Ever Before

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Katalyst D2D® Overview

Software to Streamline High Throughput Experiments from Design to Decide

Katalyst D2D (Design to Decide) is a browser-based software application that offers automated planning, execution, and analysis of high throughput experiments in a single interface.

Automated connection of live analytical data with each experiment means decisive and efficient decision-making. Use Katalyst for high throughput experimentation (HTE) in both discovery and development.


User-Friendly & Efficient HTE with Data Integrity

Eliminate Transcription between Systems

  • Katalyst automates manual tasks and eliminates transcription between the multiple systems you currently use to plan and execute high throughput array-based chemistry or parallel synthesis.

Decide Faster with Automated Assembly of Results

  • Katalyst automatically assembles all your analytical data, from entire studies, in one place. So, you can comprehensively get from Design to Decide in one application.

Ensure Data Integrity

  • Reduce the risk of propagating errors through data transcription between systems—Katalyst automatically connects the data generated throughout the experiment to each individual well in the plate/array.

Automate Your HTE Workflow in One Interface

  • Katalyst is purpose-built to automate and analyze your entire high throughput and parallel chemistry workflow in one interface
  • Integrate with your networked hardware, laboratory execution systems, lab automation equipment, analytical instruments, and informatics systems

Centralized & Accessible High Throughput (HT) Data

  • Katalyst stores and organizes experimental and analytical data in one place, making it easier to find and available for further analysis
  • Browser-based software means you can view your experiments and data anywhere at any time—in adherence with security protocols established by your IT team

The Best Choice for Your Whole Team

Increased Efficiency

  • Reduce time spent assembling, managing, and sharing data
  • Execute experiments quicker with automatic procedure and robot worklists
  • Plan experiments faster with built-in templates and pre-dispensed plates (kits)

Seamless Sharing

  • Find and review data for your experiment efficiently with automatic data transfer from all the systems in your workflow, into the Katalyst interface
  • Access data from other experiments of interest, in the Katalyst interface. No need to be tied to the instrument lab or office computer to manage your data.

Structured Data

  • Katalyst delivers normalized, structured high throughput data that can be readily exported for use in data science applications

Contextualized Data

  • Connection of data throughout HTE workflows ensures context with data so that meaningful insights can be gained

Streamlined Deployment & Maintenance

  • Browser-based software means simpler roll-out, implementation of updates, and maintenance
  • Deploy on-premises or on the cloud (hosted in your environment)
  • Admin tools help you manage the application environment remotely, review problems, and provide resolution steps

Peace of Mind with Supported Integrations

Katalyst is designed to integrate with instrument hardware, software, and many applications typically used by HTE teams. Our professional services and support teams help ensure these integrations continue to operate as intended.

Intuitively design high throughput and parallel chemistry experiments. Drag-and-drop materials into the reaction scheme.

Plan HT experiments effortlessly with all your material sources accessible from one interface.

Generate machine readable files for robots or step-by-step instruction lists for manual execution.

Process and analyze all your analytical data, automatically linked to each well, in the same interface.

Visualize analytical results in series to make faster decisions. Reprocess data instantly when necessary.

How it Works

One Interface for Your High Throughput Experimentation

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  • 1 Design HT experiments in minutes
  • 2 Plan HT experiments effortlessly
  • 3 Execute HT experiments with ease
  • 4 Analyze-automated, targeted analytical data processing
  • 5 Decide with live analytical data and linked experiment information
Customer Reviews
“Katalyst [D2D] gives us the flexibility to identify the best reaction conditions using the heat map and well-size visualization available, or by creating charts and plots of our own.”

Kayleigh Mercer
Investigator, Externalisation and Technical Excellence team, Medicinal Chemistry, GSK

“Katalyst D2D provides a robust database and data architecture that allows you to go from an experiment to a data science model very quickly, without the very tedious data cleaning. From a data science perspective, the data goes directly from running the experiment to being written to the database. You can pull that into Python to then do your data science workflows almost seamlessly”

Jason (Jay) Stevens
Associate Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb

“Colleagues not skilled with HTE were able to design a 96-well experiment in less than 5 minutes and get into the lab to run them the same day with Katalyst D2D.”

Kevin Arendt
Bristol Myers Squibb

“Katalyst ensures that our HT data is captured correctly for AI/ML purposes. It’s high quality, consistent data—including reaction conditions, yields, side-product formation, and outcomes—that we can use directly to build robust predictive models.”

Iulia Strambeanu
Head of High-Throughput Experimentation, Global Discovery Chemistry, Johnson & Johnson

“Katalyst D2D is a wonderful tool for high throughput chemistry. From initial fabrication of the experiment, to analysis and processing of the data—it keeps everything all in one place.”

David Battersby

Product Features

Features of Katalyst D2D

  • Import experimental designs created in third-party software (e.g. JMP)
  • Drag and drop pre-defined material classes (reagent, catalyst, ligand, solvent, etc.) into the Reaction Scheme to create your experimental design
  • Save and share experimental designs as templates
  • Source materials from connected inventory systems—corporate inventory, third-party sources, ad-hoc materials plates, pre-dispensed plates (kits)
  • Specify your unique lab automation equipment (reaction vessels, dispensing equipment) and unit operations
  • Define material locations, quantities, and concentrations for stock solutions and reaction arrays
  • Review and confirm your experiment plan using array-based visual layouts
  • Automatic creation of step-by-step instruction lists

Manual dispensing of materials

  • Generate a report with step-by-step instructions for weighing materials and preparing reagent stock solutions

Material dispensing via lab automation/robotics

  • Generate machine-readable files for import into instrument software
  • Send instructions directly to instruments
  • Plan downstream sample preparation for preparative chromatography, registration and inventory, and high throughput analytical data

Sampling for analysis

  • Prepare instruction lists for analytical instruments
  • Automatically perform targeted analytical data processing
    • Process and analyze data from LC/MS, HPLC, UHPLC, and NMR instruments
    • Native support for >150 instrument vendor data formats including Empower, MassLynx, ChemStation, LabSolutions, and Bruker
      Review the list of supported formats
  • Automatically associate results with each respective well in your high throughput experiment
  • Reprocess single data sets or entire plates of data on-demand through the web client
  • Visualize analytical results linked with the vessel or by well-plate location
  • Compare stacked chromatograms, spectra, and other analytical data
  • Export results to
    • PDF, Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint
    • Third-party systems for further data analysis
Deployment/Integration Options

Deploy On-Cloud or On-Premises

Katalyst D2D has been successfully deployed both on-premises and client-hosted Cloud (e.g. AWS). We will help you with implementation and provide support for your deployment.

Tailored to Your Process & Environment

When it comes to complex workflows, one-size solutions will not fit everyone. We work with you to design the deployment and integration of Katalyst to serve your hardware, data, and software. Get the custom fit of an in-house solution with the quality and upkeep of a supported, commercial product.

Designed to Easily Integrate into Your Existing Informatics Infrastructure

Spend your time on reaction optimization, not administrative tasks.

Katalyst D2D has been designed to integrate with your laboratory execution systems, lab automation equipment, analytical instruments, and informatics systems.

So, instead of transcribing between systems or copy/pasting, you can concentrate on screening optimal catalysts, solvents, and reaction conditions to move projects along faster.

Systems That Integrate with Katalyst D2D


1Use your preferred Design of Experiments (DoE) tools and import into Katalyst D2D to get started.

2Integrate internal and external chemical inventories and sources to help plan your experiments. If you use pre-dispensed plates (kits), manage those in Katalyst too!

3When you’re ready to start your experiment, generate barcodes, sample IDs, and machine-readable instructions for dispensing equipment, automated reactors, and analytical instruments.

4Once your experiment is complete, the resulting data is automatically transferred to Katalyst. Analytical data (including LC, LC/MS, NMR) is automatically processed and made available for review.

5Generate a variety of reports that include all the relevant information. Integrate transfer of pertinent results into inventory and sample submission systems, if desired.

Compatible with All Your LC/MS & NMR Instruments

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