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Spectrus JS

Access, Process & Manage Analytical Data from Anywhere

Spectrus JS is a family of web applications—an evolution of the tools and capabilities of the Spectrus platform. Software scientists have relied on for years, for structure characterization and data management—no matter the analytical technique or instrument—is now available in browser-based applications.

Like all software on the Spectrus Platform, applications in the Spectrus JS family enable users to:

  • Process multiple data types (LC/MS, GC/MS, NMR) from various instrument vendors in one interface
  • Store data with chemical structure, user interpretations, and meta data to preserve knowledge
  • Search Spectrus database records using text-based, chromatographic, and spectral parameters
  • Retrieve interactive analytical data for seamless review or reanalysis

The Spectrus JS Difference

Any Browser

An internet connection is all users need to get their work done

Any OS

Browser-based applications means no device restrictions


Easier installation, upgrades, and maintenance

Easily Scalable

Auto-scalable data processing based on system load

Spectrus JS applications are right for you if…

  • You are looking to expand an existing deployment of Spectrus software, quickly
  • Your IT organization wants to reduce the burden of software installation, updates, and maintenance
  • Users have a mixed environment of Windows and Mac devices
Customer Reviews
“I could not have asked for more than this innovative browser-based NMR processing software with all its accessibility benefits. Spectrus JS makes structure elucidation comfortable from anywhere with its intuitive, highly customizable, and super easy-to-learn interface.”

Kristóf Cank
Spectrus JS beta-tester & PhD Student, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“All-in-one software is always appreciated in core facilities. And this will be a popular NMR software system for academic and other large facilities because of its flexibility.”

The Analytical Scientist
2021 Innovation Awards

Deployment & Integrations

Secure & Accessible Web Applications

We offer flexible deployment options for Spectrus JS family applications:

  • Deploy within your IT infrastructure to ensure the security of your data and intellectual property behind your firewall, on-premises
  • Install in your cloud environment (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Use a hybrid on-premises server and cloud infrastructure

Compatible with Your Instruments and Techniques

  • Agilent ACD/Labs Partner
  • Bruker ACD/Labs Partner
  • Shimadzu ACD/Labs Partner