This Power Lesson covers Merck’s effective method development workflow for biomolecules utilizing automated screening platforms and computer assisted modeling. This is presented by Giacchino Luca Losacco.

  • Biomolecules require extensive work during the method development due to their increased complexity compared to synthetic small molecules.
  • Achiral and, to a lesser extent, chiral analyses cannot rely uniquely on traditional chromatographic approaches (RPLC/NPLC), forcing analysts to pursue complementary separation techniques.
  • Method development has become substantially more complex due to the increased number of conditions/separations mode to be tested.
  • In silico tools to predict the quality of separation have demonstrated an impressive maturity, showing their helpfulness in a myriad of examples over the last five years.
  • The combined used of automated screening platforms with computer-assisted modeling has demonstrated impressive outcomes not only for synthetic compounds, but also for small and large biomolecules.
  • In silico modelization fundamental in delivering ultra-fast separations for achiral and chiral applications, as well as in establishing efficient conditions for isolation and purification of biopharmaceuticals.