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Spectrus Platform

Process, Organize, and Share All Your Analytical Data

Use a single data processing and management platform for all your analytical data. Software applications in the Spectrus portfolio help you turn data into results, streamline method development, and keep your enterprise’s analytical knowledge organized with the chemical context to support critical decisions.

Percepta Platform

Calculate PhysChem, ADME & Tox Properties, and Manage Your Prediction Data

The Percepta Platform helps you generate and manage in silico prediction data in one place. Calculate physicochemical and ADME/Tox properties with our industry-leading predictors. Evaluate calculated results, train the algorithms with experimental data, and add custom models to organize your enterprise knowledge where everyone can find and use it.


Organizations all over the world choose Spectrus for standardized analytical data handling and knowledge management

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Companies and institutions worldwide choose to equip their scientists with ACD/ChemSketch


Companies and institutions around the world choose Percepta for molecular profiling and property prediction


Companies and institutions worldwide choose ACD/Labs’ nomenclature software