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Analytical Content DBs

Through our own experts' curation of data and from collaborations with third-parties ACD/Labs provides numerous analytical data libraries for NMR, MS, Chromatography, and optical spectroscopy. Browse and search these databases in support of your R&D efforts.

ACD/NMR Databases offer access to highly-curated NMR data for 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, and 31P nuclei, along with third-party spectral NMR databases for identification of impurities and unknowns.

These databases include hundreds of thousands of MS spectra covering a wide range of chemical types that can be combined with ACD/MS Workbook Suite to perform various screening, identification, and deformulation activities.

Search commercial databases from FDM, ST Japan, and more, containing thousands of Infrared and Raman spectra.

Fully searchable commercial databases containing structure, retention times, chromatograms, instrument parameters, column data, and much more.