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ACD/Spectrus Platform

Live Analytical and Chemical Data Management in a Single Software Environment


Built on the foundation of ACD/Labs’ unique expertise in spectroscopy, spectrometry, and chromatography software, the ACD/Spectrus Platform enables research and development organizations to extract, retain, and leverage knowledge like never before.

Digitally Assemble Analytical and Chemical Data With Ease

Digitally Assemble Analytical and Chemical Data With Ease
Digitally Assemble Analytical and Chemical Data With Ease

ACD/Spectrus offers vendor agnostic support for LC/UV/MS, GC/MS, Chromatography, NMR, Raman, IR, TGA, DSC and all major analytical techniques in a single software environment. Spectrus uniquely delivers the broadest native support for analytical data formats in commercial-off-the-shelf software.

Benefits of homogenizing data into a uniform environment include

Automate Routine Processing & Analysis Workflows

Automate Routine Processing & Analysis Workflow

Our advanced spectral and chromatographic tools enhance the way scientists are able to extract chemically relevant answers from analytical experiments through a portfolio of applications. Applications on the Spectrus Platform deliver tools for processing and analysis of all types of analytical data, with technique-specific tools for advanced processing and analysis.

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Share and Collaborate More Easily

Share and Collaborate More Easily

The Spectrus Platform offers an environment for scientists to collaborate with partners and colleagues in other departments and different sites, no matter the instruments, software, or techniques used. A uniform platform for sharing analytical knowledge, Spectrus facilitates communication and access to information, accelerating the R&D process and offering gains in productivity and efficiency.