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Spectrus DB

Capture Live Analytical and Chemical Knowledge in Chemical Context for Collaborative Science and Faster Decision-Making

Spectrus DB: Share and Re-useAnalytical and Chemical Intelligence

Capture and share live analytical and chemical knowledge throughout your organization for collaborative science and faster decision-making

The conspicuous gap in many cheminformatics and business informatics (BI) architectures today is the absence of a system that can retain and make use of the connection between raw analytical chemistry data, its scientific interpretation, and the decisions driven by that analysis. This gap causes project delays, experiment re-work, and loss of legacy corporate knowledge.

Spectrus DB Knowledge Management

An integral part of the Spectrus platform, Spectrus DB fills this void. Built on over a decade of expertise in multi-technique, multi-vendor spectral interpretation, this one-of-a-kind management tool preserves and makes usable the vast chemical, spectroscopic and chromatographic knowledge generated by today's chemical enterprises. Spectrus DB is a redevelopment of our tried and tested knowledge management software (ACD/ChemFolder Enterprise and ACD/SpecManager), with enhancements to meet the needs of R&D organizations and IT professionals.

Tested in laboratories worldwide, this unique database creates a collaborative project environment that does not stop at storing data for intellectual property rights preservation. It offers a searchable repository with access to the knowledge gained by individual scientists and groups, to benefit the whole organization for years to come.