Improvements in mass spectrometry have generated an increasing demand for analysis of more complicated samples by mass spectrometry (MS). While liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) are effective at reducing sample complexity, co-elution of components is still not entirely avoidable. The reality of today’s lab is:

  • A variety of instrument configurations and a multitude of software interfaces
  • Mountains of complex data for analysis

Struggle no more!

Join us to learn how vendor-neutral software can help you deformulate samples more efficiently leveraging knowledge from both the wider scientific community and your organization. See how third-party software enables you to:

  1. Separate co-eluting components
  2. Identify known and unknown components
  3. Store, share, and leverage expertise

Hear about recent enhancements to these tools and see a sneak-peek of enhancements yet to come.