How ACD/Labs Simplifies GC/MS & LC/UV/MS Project Management

Modern mass spectrometrists are expected to detect and identify components with greater efficiency, despite increasing sample complexity and shrinking analytical group sizes.

Mass spectrometrists require advanced informatics solutions that offer comprehensive coverage of MS analysis, interpretation, and reporting functions. Learn how ACD/Labs’ software strategies benefit mass spectrometrists by ensuring…

  • MS data from all instruments can be extracted, and then analyzed together
  • Components are seamlessly distinguished, identified, and characterized
  • MS results can be integrated with other relevant project data
  • Analytical information is easily accessible and shareable

“ACD/Labs LC/MS processing automation saves us tons of time by allowing: i) LC/MS traces to be viewed in plate format, ii) flexible peak integration, iii) final report files to be automatically updated after re-integration, and iv) elimination of printing, scanning, and manual uploading of reports.”

Grace Bi, Scientist, Amgen