How ACD/Labs Enables More Robust, Efficient Separations

With the increasingly challenging demands confronted by separation scientists on their expertise, resources, and time, traditional chromatography approaches are often lacking.

Chromatographers require advanced informatics solutions that offer comprehensive coverage of all method development functions. Learn how ACD/Labs’ strategies enable compliance with Quality by Design (QbD) regulatory expectations, eliminate trial and error approaches, and provide streamlined data management throughout method development:

  • Rationally select all relevant method parameters
  • Exert full control over screening and optimization experiments
  • Simulate separations to identify optimal conditions
  • Employ comprehensive reporting and databasing capabilities

“We had spent several months developing a method without successfully resolving a critical pair of peaks. Using the software we managed to generate a method that resolved those peaks in less than 48 hours.”

Erin Gemperline, Associate Research Scientist, Corteva