Toronto, Canada (February 9, 2009)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) and Pharma Algorithms, Inc., have joined software development and business resources to better serve the extensive Chemical, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical markets, creating a new leader in in silico physicochemical, ADME, Metabolism, and Toxicology screening and prediction.

Both private companies have been in business for over a decade and feature complementary lineups of popular computational tools, including molecular property prediction, QSAR modeling, ADME and Toxicology prediction, and more. The decision to join forces is the result of the desire of both companies to offer their customers augmented existing tools and new innovations.

Until a full integration of products is complete, existing maintenance users of both companies will have access, through their current software package, to the corresponding physicochemical prediction product (including predictions of pKa, logP, logD, and pH-dependent solubility) from the other manufacturer. The current level of integration between ACD/Labs and Pharma Algorithms products offers immediate value to users in computational chemistry departments who can now compare and incorporate a set of models designed using different approaches into their day to day work. Further development is expected to produce new products and capabilities aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting project time in drug discovery, metabolism research, and toxicity assessment.

Pranas Japertas, Director, Product Development of Pharma Algorithms, said, “We are excited to build on the synergy between the companies to create new integrated capabilities, and expand them to a broader range of applications and customers in both chemical and pharmaceutical research and development. We will work on improving our predictions, and developing new models, as well as augmenting the products already in development.”

“Our customers will benefit immediately from this merger of technologies and scientific expertise within our two companies,” said Daria Thorp, President of ACD/Labs. “We look forward to the new innovations that, combined with the existing products from both companies, will create new comprehensive solutions needed by our customers to further their business.”

The entire Pharma Algorithms product line—including modeling software for ADME, Toxicology, DMSO Solubility, and other products—will be available as part of ACD/Labs’ product portfolio exclusively through ACD/Labs’ extensive international sales and distribution network.

Information about the combined physicochemical software offering and ADME/Tox software is available at and