New generation of software brings higher productivity and efficiency to analytical laboratories, while adding complete, accessible, and re-usable analytical characterization to the modern informatics environment.

Toronto, Canada (March 12, 2012)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is pleased to announce the impending release of the initial lineup of ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks, the next element of the ACD/Spectrus integrated analytical and chemical knowledge management platform. Workbooks encapsulate the scientific insight gained from two decades of experience developing software for analytical chemists, the integrative flexibility demanded by modern informatics architecture, and the continued commitment to extract and retain the chemical context of analytical data.

A portfolio of technique-specific software for spectroscopists, spectrometrists, and separations scientists, Spectrus Workbooks provide advanced data processing and interpretation conveniently to the scientist’s desktop. Continuing collaborations with major instrument vendors enable the support of most instrument vendor file formats across analytical techniques.

ACD/Labs’ ability to truly integrate chemical structures with analytical data, further imbue chemical intelligence in the data interpretation through advanced algorithms, and store the knowledge extracted from analytical experiments with its chemical context culminates in a unique knowledge management solution. This solution addresses a gap in R&D knowledge management recognized by many forward-thinking organizations, and aids productivity, both today and for future problems and projects.

The ability to handle chemical ambiguity in spectral characterization with Markush structures; to automatically evaluate and associate atoms in a chemical structure with their 1D and 2D NMR measurements; along with compound fragmentation and automatic assignment to interpret MS results; are just a few examples of innovative scientific algorithms that are available in various technique-specific Spectrus Workbooks.

“Over the course of the last 17 years, ACD/Labs’ expert solutions have been relied upon to provide spectral and chemical insights, and speed up work of analytical scientists,” says Daria Thorp, President, ACD/Labs. “With the release of ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks we offer the new generation of our industry leading software tools, while making it easier for the organization to better retain, share, and leverage the resulting knowledge at an enterprise level. Capturing the relationship between analytical data, chemical structure, and the scientist’s decision making in electronic form represents the core of the ACD/Spectrus environment. It surpasses traditional analytical data storage and access limitations to enable thorough knowledge-sharing within laboratories and departments, throughout and even between organizations.”

The individual Workbooks, will be released throughout 2012.

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