Luminata™ offers a single system for organizing live, assembled analytical data for impurities within the context of a substance and the process by which it was made.

PITTCON 2017, Chicago, IL (March 6, 2017)—ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of chemical and pharmaceutical R&D, today announced it will introduce Luminata™, an informatics system that enables organizations to establish effective impurity control strategies. This is accomplished through the assembly of analytical, chemical, and process information—all in a single enterprise informatics environment.

Built on ACD/Labs’ multi-technique, vendor-agnostic ACD/Spectrus Platform, Luminata offers data standardization and visualization for comprehensive substance impurity characterization as well as the associated formation and fate of impurities, with chromatographic and spectral data.

Through efficient assembly of data for easy presentation to regulatory bodies, Luminata suits Quality by Design (QbD) approaches in accordance with various industry practices and regulatory requirements. It assists pharmaceutical development organizations in their efforts to characterize and control materials and substances through their lifecycle.

Luminata enhances collaboration between process chemistry, analytical, regulatory, and quality departments. Its capabilities also benefit method development, characterization, long term stability, and forced degradation efforts.

Available Summer 2017, the unique capabilities offered by Luminata include:

  • Simplified organization of data within the chemical context, which creates data rich environments that are not overwhelming.
  • Greater visibility into the context of analytical data with regard to the evolution of materials throughout the chemical process.
  • More streamlined reporting capabilities that afford simplification and reduction of transcription errors, simplify reporting, and reduce transcription errors.
  • Advanced search capabilities that allow scientists to analyze meta, structure, and analytics data; reducing the amount of time required to identify impurities.

“Until now, the processes for managing impurity profile information were extremely cumbersome and overwhelming, and the datasets created by these procedures could not effectively organize, manage, and visually assemble all this information,” said Andrew Anderson, Vice President, Innovation and Informatics Strategy, ACD/Labs. “With the introduction of Luminata, ACD/Labs has created a tool that supports QbD approaches and systematically organizes live, assembled analytical data for impurities, resulting in unprecedented visualization, decision-support, reporting and collaboration capabilities for our customers and partners.”

ACD/Labs will showcase Luminata for the first time at PITTCON 2017 (Booth #2918), taking place in Chicago, IL, March 5-9, 2017.