Partnership will enable R&D organizations to accelerate innovation with data science technologies.

Toronto, CANADA (June 16, 2021)—ACD/Labs, a leading provider of scientific informatics technologies for molecular characterization, today announced a partnership with Science Data Experts (SDE). Together, ACD/Labs and SDE will use their experience and expertise to enable life sciences organizations to implement a variety of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to accelerate innovation in R&D.

The partnership will leverage ACD/Labs’ tried and tested data engineering skills, scientific domain expertise, industry standard algorithms, predictive analytics, and applied neural networks to life science and drug discovery challenges. Coupled with SDE’s expertise in building customized deep learning algorithms and predictive models, as well as cloud capabilities, R&D organizations will be able to implement data science technologies to address discrete business challenges.

“For many years, our customers in pharma and biopharma have been testing concepts that use ML and AI in their R&D efforts,” said Daria Thorp, CEO and President, ACD/Labs. “Through our collaboration with Science Data Experts, we can help our customers apply ML and AI to a number of the challenges they face in their R&D of new and exciting innovations. Our combined expertise will help organizations address the data challenges that plague ML and AI projects—like data cleansing, normalization, and labelling—and develop frameworks that customers can use to target their most pressing needs with achievable results.”

The initiative will expand ACD/Labs’ molecular property modeling capabilities and focus on reducing the number of experiments R&D organizations must conduct to develop, optimize, and validate various processes in the following areas:

  • Synthetic or biologic process development and optimization
  • Formulation development and validation
  • Process development and validation
  • Chromatographic method development and validation
  • Leveraging analytical data to glean latent insights about processes, operations, and quality

“Our research activities in ML over the last five years indicates a wealth of application possibilities,” said Valery Tkachenko, CEO and President, Science Data Experts. “We look forward to working with ACD/Labs on applications of mutual interest that deliver needed capabilities to scientists to better leverage ML and analytical data.”

For more than 25 years, ACD/Labs has provided technologies to assist R&D organizations with data marshalling; normalization and management of disparate chemical information; trainable prediction of molecular and analytical chemistry properties; automated interpretation of analytical data; structure elucidation and confirmation; and generation of molecular structures with user-defined property criteria. This partnership will help life sciences organizations leverage this expertise in data science projects.

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About ACD/Labs

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