Biopharmaceuticals have boomed in recent years, with innovative researchers transforming complex biomolecules into effective therapeutics.

Unfortunately, many of the common applications used by scientists do not meet the needs of this rapidly expanding R&D sector. Researchers need a chemically intelligent platform that understands the structure and properties of biochemical molecules. A vendor-neutral informatics environment will also enable organizations to manage data from all their instruments in one interface.

Want to learn how chemically intelligent software and vendor-neutral data management tools can accelerate your research and development?

Join Eliot Randle, Ph.D. (Managing Partner, Digital Lab Consulting) and Karim Kassam (Senior Director of Customer Success, ACD/Labs) as they discuss:

  • How biopharmaceuticals are changing the future of medicine
  • Improving chromatographic method development for proteins
  • Why biologics research needs analytical data management solutions
  • How a chemically intelligent platform can improve biologics research