The wealth of analytical information that is generated every day in R&D organizations can provide rich insights, even months after the initial acquisition of data. With this increase in data, however, comes a significant challenge to combine, organize, access, visualize, and mine these informational repositories. In addition to the challenges of the growing volume and complexity of data being collected nowadays, we are also seeing an increasing need to provide context-specific access to information.

In this webinar members of the Analytical Research and Development (Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecule) team will describe how Pfizer is addressing these challenges with software designed for the handling and management of assembled, live analytical data. Introducing the concept of a scientific information library that provides fit-for-use access to information, the Pfizer team discusses how ACD/Labs tools are being employed to enhance digital workflows with automated data extraction and processing.

The presentation focuses on the following:

  • Pfizer’s vision for making analytical data streams more accessible and re-useable
  • Creating a globally accessible multi-technique analytical data library (including structurally assigned NMR and mass spectrometry data)
  • Benefits and re-use cases for fit-for-use access to chromatography data