Method development is a journey into the unknown. The destination may be clear enough, if you’ve defined your project goals. But unforeseen challenges lurk to trip up the unwary chromatographer. Before you know it, your two-week project has become a six-week odyssey, with events like:

  • “Where did my compound go?”
  • “Why are my peaks lopsided?”
  • “I was so sure that buffer change would fix it.”

It happens even to the best, but a logical problem-solving approach can help you tackle challenges confidently, rather than bang your head against the instrument.

Join application scientist James Hogbin as he draws upon 41 years of method-development experience. He’ll explain how he approaches difficult problems in chromatography, so you can do the same.

Ideal for chromatographers:

  • In the early stages of their careers
  • Who are frustrated by chromatography curveballs
  • Want to solve their problems faster