The multi-disciplinary “Structure and Reactivity of Complex Molecular Systems” Laboratory (LSRSMC) identifies Spectrus Processor as best solution to unify spectral processing.

Toronto, Canada (March 8, 2012)—France’s Université de Lorraine’s “Structure and Reactivity of Complex Molecular Systems” Laboratory (LSRSMC) has acquired for its spectroscopy platform ACD/Labs’ new ACD/Spectrus Processor to process their analytical data. Also acquired were ACD/Labs’ industry leading HNMR and CNMR predictors to aid in structure confirmation.

The LSRSMC includes experts in fields as diverse as quantum chemistry and modeling, organic and organometallic synthesis, physical chemistry and molecular materials, microbiology, and virology. These disciplines have different reliance and approaches to gathering analytical data, potentially employing different techniques and using different instruments. Spectrus Processor allows for the processing of different data types in one common environment, enabling a greater alignment of efforts and easier collaboration.

Prof. Yves Fort (Director of the Laboratory SRSMC) and M. Stéphane Parant (engineer in charge of the platform), say, “Spectrus Processor will unify all the disparate analytical processing we perform onto a common interface, making the whole process faster and easier to communicate.”

Laboratoire “Structure et Réactivité des Systèmes Moléculaires Complexes”:

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