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Structure Elucidation Tutorial Freeware

What is Structure Elucidator Tutorial Freeware?

Structure Elucidation tutorial freeware is based on the framework of ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite, our industry-standard software for computer-assisted structure elucidation (CASE). It includes all of its processing and interpretation functionalities.

The freeware is specifically designed to introduce the application of CASE and the technology behind it to interested students, educators and researchers in related chemistry fields.

The Freeware Helps You To

  • Better understand the molecular structure determination concepts; how to prepare your data, interpret the Molecular Connectivity Diagram (MCD), and finally identify the best structure.
  • Understand how data quality such as experimental data types and peak intensity can affect the performance of CASE software in solving a problem.
  • Work with many examples and data files and practice various approaches to structure elucidation
  • Learn how to deal with spectral ambiguities and structural complexities.

Download CASE Tutorial Freeware

Usage Tips

The examples and data files in the freeware are selected based on the book “Computer-Based Structure Elucidation from Spectral Data”, written by Mikhail Elyashberg and Antony Williams.

For optimal learning experience, it is recommended that the software is used in conjunction with the book, so you can refer to the specific explanations and details for each elucidation and much more.

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What’s Included in the Free Tutorial Software

  • Access to the data and spectra required to complete the tutorial examples discussed in the book
  • Processing and interpretation functionalities of Structure Elucidator Suite *
    * You will not be able to import new analytical data/spectra, or save results to a database.


NOTE: This software is for educational use only.

Download CASE Tutorial Freeware