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Companion Software and Examples for the book "Computer-Based Structure Elucidation from Spectral Data"

For scientists looking to further their knowledge and experience in structure elucidation, ACD/Labs provides a free downloadable tutorial software package based on ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite. This software is meant to be used in conjunction with the book "Computer-Based Structure Elucidation from Spectral Data" written by Mikhail Elyashberg and Antony Williams, and available from Springer and Amazon.

Included are example data and spectra necessary to complete the tutorial examples discussed in the book. Users will be able to practice various approaches to structure elucidation, including how to deal with spectral peculiarities and various structural complexities. By completing these examples, and armed with the background and knowledge from the book, scientists will gain invaluable structure elucidation experience and skills.

Please note: This tutorial package includes all the processing and interpretation functionality of Structure Elucidator Suite, but will not import new analytical data/spectra or save results to a database. This software is for educational use only.

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