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ACD/ChemSketch Overview
Introduction to ACD/ChemSketch structure drawing and naming software.
ACD/NMR Predictors
ACD/NMR Predictors Overview
Predict chemical shifts, coupling constants, and NMR spectra quickly and effortlessly. Directly compare predictions to experimental spectra for more efficient structure verification, and train the database to personalize the chemical space used for predictions.
ACD/Spectrus Platform
ACD/Spectrus Overview
The ACD/Spectrus Platform makes it easier than ever for organizations to capture and re-use the analytical intelligence gathered every day from data generated to solve problems and answer questions. Uniquely connect live analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-neutral environment to store knowledge that can be accessed, searched, and instantly reviewed/reprocessed to aid future R&D projects.
ACD/Spectrus Processor
General: Interface
Learn how to interact with the Spectrus Processor interface, including customizing toolbars and user interface. 3.0min
ACD/Structure Design Engine
ACD/Structure Design Engine
Property-based structure optimization with ACD/Structure Design Engine

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