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How to Streamline Method Development: Column Selection
Watch this excerpt from our webinar - 'Achieve CHROMpliance: A 3-Step Strategy for Rational Method Development'
How to Streamline Method Development: pH Selection
Watch this excerpt from our webinar - 'Achieve CHROMpliance: A 3-Step Strategy for Rational Method Development'
ACD/ChemSketch Overview
Watch an overview of the key features of ACD/ChemSketch. View how to draw structures, generate names for molecules of up to 50 atoms and 3 ring structures, create reaction schema, search for structures in the built-in dictionary and much more.
Creating a User Structure Template
Quickly create schemes and figures for reports and presentations with your own structure templates. 2.5mins
Drawing Tools
This is a quick walkthrough of the structure drawing tools for ChemSketch. 2.0mins
Stereochemistry Drawing Tools
Find out some tips and tricks for drawing stereochemistry. 2.5mins
ACD/Method Selection Suite
Chromatography Method Optimization (1 Parameter)
Model and Optimize a single parameter (pH, Gradient concentration, temperature, etc.) for LC Seperation in less time with fewer injections. 4.0min
Spectral Peak Tracking
Automatically match peaks between LC/UV (DAD, PDA) datatsets based on spectral similarity. 2.5min
ACD/MS Fragmenter
MS Fragmenter Overview
This video demonstrates how to use ACD/MS Fragmenter. 2.0min
ACD/MS Structure ID Suite
How To Video: MS Structure ID Suite
This video demonstrates how to identify possible structure candidates based on hyphenated data analysis using ACD/MS Structure ID Suite. 2.0min
ACD/MS Workbook Suite
Open and Process MSn Data
Open and work with data generated from tandem mass spectrometry techniques. 2.0min
Use Auto Assignment*
This video demonstrates how to generate and assign fragments to a mass spectrum based on a structure using the Auto Assignment tool. This tool is available with MS Workbook Suite or when MS Fragmenter is installed with Spectrus Processor. 1.5min
Introduction to ACD/Name
Follow the steps outlined in this video to generate a name for a drawn structure and explore the configurable options within our naming software. 2.0min
ACD/NMR Predictors
ACD/NMR Predictors Overview
Predict chemical shifts, coupling constants, and NMR spectra quickly and effortlessly. Directly compare predictions to experimental spectra for more efficient structure verification, and train the database to personalize the chemical space used for predictions.
ACD/NMR Workbook Suite
Synchronized NMR Data Processing Using NMRSync
Speed up routine manual processing operations by synchronized peak-picking and assignments across all the NMR spectra within a project.
ACD/Spectrus Platform
ACD/Spectrus Overview
The ACD/Spectrus Platform makes it easier than ever for organizations to capture and re-use the analytical intelligence gathered every day from data generated to solve problems and answer questions. Uniquely connect live analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-neutral environment to store knowledge that can be accessed, searched, and instantly reviewed/reprocessed to aid future R&D projects.
ACD/Spectrus Processor
Learn how to interact with the Spectrus Processor interface, including customizing toolbars and user interface. 3.0min
Spectrus Processor Overview Movie
This video will serve as an introduction to Spectrus Processor, covering data import, processing, and reporting capabilities. 2.0min
Analytical Workflow
See how Luminata allows you to easily attach live LC/MS datasets to a process scheme and manage analytical data like never before. 2.0min
Build a Process Map
See how Luminata makes the management of chemical information simple through the creation of a full process map. 3.5min
Create a Process Scheme
See how easy it is to import a synthetic scheme into Luminata. 1.0min
Luminata Overview
Luminata—Cut your impurity data time investment from months into minutes
Web Portal
Learn how the online version of Luminata can improve organizational collaboration via its browser-agnostic web portal interface. Employ all key desktop version functionalities: import data, assemble process maps, track impurities, etc. 3.0min
Web Portal—Batch Genealogy
Learn how the Luminata web portal can be used to visualize a batch family tree for all process development batches by compiling batch fates. Plus, watch how associated analytical data is paired directly with all batches compiled in the family tree. 2.0min