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Generating 3D Models Using NOESY/ROESY Data in ACD/Structure Elucidator

Do you have an NMR dataset and are looking to resolve the 3D Structure? Then this webinar is right for you!

Identifying an unknown compound or verifying a synthesized product by interpretation of NMR spectra can be a daunting task. Employing tools to simplify your NMR analysis can resolve structures more quickly and accurately. For truly complex structures, ACD/Structure Elucidator allows for de novo structure elucidation by generating a complete set of the viable isomers that fit an experimental dataset.

Now with the next generation of CASE systems added to our Structure Elucidator, it is able to find the "best match" while considering stereochemistry.

In this 40 minute webinar you will learn:

  • How to use 1D and 2D NOESY/ROESY spectra to generate possible stereoisomers—their relative energies, concentrations, and distances—all calculated from a flat structure
  • How to elucidate the "best 3D structure" in agreement with your NMR data

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