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Knowledge Management Solutions

The reality of R&D today is that we colleagues not only work in different departments, but different time zones. Outsourcing adds another dimension of difficulty to sharing expertise and knowledge. ACD/Labs offers a variety of solutions so that information gathered and experiments run for one project can be used to help answer new questions in future projects, and accelerate decision-making and the progress of R&D within your organization.

Live Spectral Knowedgebase

ACD/Labs uniquely addresses the conspicuous knowledge gap left by the array of available cheminformatics solutions. Capture, store, and search live analytical data (not simply raw data, or static reports) that can be re-interrogated easily to answer new questions.

Metabolite Identification with MetaSense

Create comprehensive, interactive biotransformation maps, and interactively link all relevant analytical, chemical, biological, and toxicological data to each metabolite. Then, leverage this information within your organization to reduce duplication of effort and accelerate decision-making.

Automated Homogenization of Disparate Analytical Data

Gain higher productivity, data integrity, and security with unified data management

Automated QA/QC Systems

Unify the disparate data across departments and improve the efficient of QA/QC systems with ACD/Labs' automated solution. Not only does it interact with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems but also allows you to log and track samples, assess quality, and generate reports with ease.

Chiral Separation Method Selection

Quickly find suitable methods for purification of chiral compounds. Build a central repository of separation methods from a variety of instruments, and increase the efficiency of chromatographic method development and optimization to accelerate future projects.

Fast Method Screening

Quickly select a suitable starting point for method development. ACD/Labs' chromatographic methods database solution helps you build a library of separation methods storing information about column chemistry, solvent compatibility, and more. Flexible search capabilities help efficiently identify the best candidate method.

Materials Analysis

Collect the expertise of the team, whether in a different lab or a different country, in a single searchable repository. Include information from different instruments and techniques in a knowledgebase of live analytical data to increase the efficiency of multi-disciplinary research.

Polymer Chemistry

Build and share libraries of polymer information that include the human interpretation of spectra, structure/fragment assignment, and all your test results (tensile strength, elasticity etc.) in one place.

Automated Compound Recognition

Automate structure determination, reporting, and storage of results for high throughput analysis of libraries. ACD/Labs solutions integrate with existing systems to help identify compounds and assess purity giving you greater confidence in the integrity of compound libraries.

Solutions for Forensic Toxicology: Extract, Identify, and Report Results Faster

ACD/Labs software offers alternatives to instrument vendor software packages with advanced algorithms for dealing with complex matrices to extract components and identify compounds, as well as flexible knowledge management tools to create customized reports, incorporating all of the information you need, with the click of a button.

Nomenclature for Patent Submission and Control

For the IP arena ACD/Labs provides a chemical nomenclature package that is focused on providing non-ambiguous and accurate names. The most challenging areas of nomenclature are covered, with name-to-structure capabilities and other tools to aid prior art searches.

Tools for REACH Compliance

ACD/Labs' REACH software package is a solution to facilitate your REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) submission process without the need for labor-intensive laboratory experiments.