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Exploring Digitalization, AI & HTE

 June 12, 2024
 9:00 EST | 14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST

R&D organizations are focused on digitalizing workflows, automating processes, and making data available to AI/ML. The goal is to accelerate innovation and speed the commercialization of new molecular entities.

To future-proof investment towards these goals, organizations must consider federated systems that:

  • Integrate with their informatics landscape and support high value workflows
  • Facilitate the generation and management of high quality, FAIR data for machine and human access
  • Provide decision-support interfaces that enable access to assembled data and seamless collaboration

Join leading professionals as they demonstrate and discuss:

  • Strategic generation of data using high throughput experimentation (HTE) and cutting-edge technologies
  • Application of Bayesian optimization to predict the outcomes of HT chemistry
  • Systems, tools, and informatics capabilities necessary to support modern R&D

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Event Agenda

Welcome & Housekeeping
Enabling AI and Dataset Production across the Chemistry Enterprise at BMS

Jason Stevens, Associate Scientific Director, BMS

Kristine Golden, Scientist, BMS

Systems & Capabilities that Facilitate Digitalization & AI-Ready Data

Alex Waked, Application Scientist, ACD/Labs

FAIR Data & Decision Support Interfaces for Scientists

Joe DiMartino, Solution Area Manager—Luminata, ACD/Labs

Hosted By

Sanji Bhal

Director, Marketing Communications ACD/Labs