ACD/Chromatography Applications Database

A feature of ACD/Chrom Workbook

The ACD/Chromatography Applications Database contains complete information on over 9950 HPLC, GC, and CE separations, including experimental results. Each record, provided by leading column vendors, contains:

  • Experimental chromatogram
  • Application information
    • Solvent
    • Gradient
    • pH
    • Chromatographic column
  • Structural assignments
  • Origin of the data

Search the applications in the database by a variety of search parameters:

  • Structure, sub-structure, or structure similarity
  • Separations technique
  • Separation parameters
  • Formula weight
  • User data

The ACD/Chromatography Applications Database is included with ACD/Chrom Workbook, and contains data provided by many of the world's most respected column manufacturers, including Agilent Technologies, Astec, Beckman Coulter, Chiral Technologies, Eprogen, GL Sciences, Grace, Hamilton Company, Macherey-Nagel, Merck KgGA, PerkinElmer, Phenomenex®, Polymer Laboratories, Regis Technologies, Restek Corporation, SIELC Technologies, Supelco, Thar Technologies,Thermo, YMC, and ZirChrom® Separations. Applications are added on an ongoing basis, and periodic updates to the database are released.