ACD/AutoChrom—Software for Chromatographic Method Development Based on QbD Principles

Combines Instrument Control for Waters and Agilent LC/MS and LC/UV Systems

ACD/AutoChrom - Software for Chromatographic Method Development Based on QbD Principles

ACD/AutoChrom combines instrument control for LC/MS and LC/UV systems with software for logical method development following Quality by Design (QbD) principles. Define your project and your goals, and AutoChrom will execute the experiments, guide you through data processing and interpretation, and help you select the next experiment to perform. Develop high-quality robust methods, in less time than you ever could before.


  • Automatic peak tracking between runs helps you find all relevant components
  • Screen a variety of conditions and select the best candidate assisted by the software
  • Optimize multiple parameters easily (solvent ratio, pH, gradient, temperature) with user guidance if desired
  • The software helps automatically confirm method robustness
  • Store new methods in a fully searchable database
  • Run in Automated mode with Instrument control for Agilent ChemStation and OpenLab ChemStation Edition; or Waters® Empower™ 2 and 3 software, or Virtual (offline) mode


  • Develop more robust methods in less time
  • Reduce the need for manual data interpretation
  • Manage projects more efficiently and protect valuable research data

With instrument control (Automated Mode) or without (Manual Mode), ACD/AutoChrom significantly reduces the time it takes to develop new methods. The QbD approach allows methods to be developed using systematic design of experiments, multivariate optimization, and modelling robustness throughout the method development process. From selecting a better starting point, to intelligent optimization, you will get better methods, faster.

Click the logos below for supported LC Systems.

Agilent Technologies Waters
ACD/AutoChrom is compatible with Agilent ChemStation software and the following hardware:
Pumps 1100/1200 Quaternary Pump with Degasser G1354A (equivalent to G1311A+G1322A)
1100/1200 Binary Pump (solvent selection option) G1312A (option #031)
1200 Binary Pump SL (solvent selection option) G1312B (option #031)
1290 Infinity Binary Pump G4220A, G4220B
1290 Infinity Quaternary Pump G4204A
Column/Value Organization 1100/1200 Column Thermostat
(column selection option = 2pos/6port valve)
G1316A (option #056)
1200 Column Thermostat SL
(column selection option = 2pos/6port valve)
G1316B (option #056)
1200 Column Thermostat SL+
(column selection option = 2pos/6port or 8pos/9port or 6pos/14port valve)
G1316C (option #056/058)
Injection Systems 1100/1200 Autosampler G1313A
1100/1200 Thermostated Autosampler G1329A*
1100/1200 Well-plate Autosampler G1367A
1200 High Performance Autosampler SL G1367C
1200 Autosampler SL G1329B
1200 High Performance Autosampler SL+ G1367D
Detectors 1100/1200 Diode Array Detector G1315B
1200 SL Diode Array Detector G1315C
1200 Variable Wavelength Detector SL G1314B
1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector G4212A, G4212B
MS Detectors Quadrupole LC/MS system G1946, G1956
Quadrupole LC/MS system (fast scanning) G6140A
Agilent Single Quad Superior Line LC/MS G6130A
Valves 1100/1200 6PS (Column Selection) Valve G1159A
1100/1200 12PS/13PT (Solvent Selection) Valve G1160A
Agilent 1290 Infinity Series LC Method Development Solution Infinity Quaternary 1200 bar pump G420A
1290 Thermostatted Column Compartment (TCC)
(6 position 14 port 1200 bar column valve)
12 position, 13 port solvent selection valve G1160A
Diode Array Detector G4212A
Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer G6140
High Pressure Auto-sampler G4226A
ChemStation Software Rev. B.02.01, B.03.01, B.04.01, B.04.02, B.04.03  
Rev. C.01.04  
Open Lab C v.1.04  
Open Lab Rev. C.01.07
Agilent 1290 Infinity II
LC System
1290 Infinity II High Speed Pump G7120A
1290 Infinity II Flexible  Pump G7104A
1290 Infinity II Multisampler G7167B
1290 Infinity II Multicolumn Thermostat (with and without 8 position/18 port column selection valve) G7116B
1290 Infinity II Diode Array Detector G7117B
1290 Infinity II Diode Array Detector FS G7117A
1290 Infinity II Variable Wavelength Detector G7114B
ACD/AutoChrom is compatible with Waters Empower 2 Software and the following hardware:
Alliance HPLC System Alliance chromatographic system (with Column Heater/Cooler) W2690/5
Waters 3100 Mass Detector W3100
Waters 2996 PDA Detector W2996
Waters 996 PDA Detector 996 PDA
Waters 2998 PDA Detector W2998
Rheodyne Solvent Selector connected to W2690/5 or W3100  
ACQUITY UPLC System Acquity UPLC Binary Solvent Manager ACQ-BSM
Acquity UPLC Column Manager ACQ-CM
Acquity UPLC Sample Manager ACQ-SM
Acquity UPLC PDA Detector/Extended Wavelength PDA Detector ACQ-PDA
Acquity UPLC SQ Detector ACQ-SQD
Acquity UPLC TQ Detector ACQ-TQD
Acquity UPLC QDa Detector ACQ-QDA
Acquity UPLC TUV Detector ACQ-TUV
ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System Acquity UPLC H-Class Sample manager (Flow Through Needle) ACQ-FTN
Acquity UPLC H-Class Quaternary Solvent Manager ACQ-QSM
Acquity UPLC Auxiliary Column Manager  ACQ-CM-AUX
Rheodyne Solvent Selector connected to ACQ-CM, ACQ-BSM, ACQ-SQD or ACQ-TQD  
Alternative detectors † Acquity 2996 PDA Detector ACQ-2996
Acquity UPLC FLR Detector ACQ-FLR
Acquity UPLC ELS Detector ACQ-ELSD
Waters 2420 ELS Detector W2420
Waters 2424 ELS Detector W2424
Acquity UPLC RI Detector ACQ-RI
Waters 2465 EC Detector W2465
Waters 2475 FLR Detector W2475
Waters 2489 UV/Vis Detector W2489
Waters 2414 Refractive Index Detector
Empower 2 Software Personal Installations: Feature Release 4 (PDA only)  
Personal Installations: Feature Release 5  
Workgroup/Enterprise Installations  
Empower 3 Software Personal/Workgroup/Enterprise Installations  
ACQUITY Arc System ‡ ACQUITY UHPLC Sample Manager FTN-R
- Sample Manager
- Column Heater (3 columns)
- Column Selector Valve (3 positions)
ACQUITY UHPLC Quaternary Solvent Manager-R
- Solvent Selector (6 positions) at pump channel D

† Not tested yet
‡ Not tested online yet

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