ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks—Technique-specific Software for Spectroscopists, Spectrometrists, and Separations Scientists

Analytical Chemistry Interpretation Software that Stores Information with Chemical Context

Spectrus Workbooks are a portfolio of technique-specific software for spectroscopists, spectrometrists, and separations scientists that provide advanced data processing, interpretation and information management. This new generation of expert tools builds upon almost two decades of experience developing applications and algorithms for analytical chemists.

Spectrus Workbooks bring together a unique and powerful set of features, including:

  • Advanced processing and interpretation at your desktop
  • Chemical intelligence in the treatment of analytical data
  • Multi-technique processing and interpretation
  • A project environment to organize all study-related information
  • Knowledge management and sharing for collaborative science

ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks is comprised of the following products, which are also available individually:

The most comprehensive software for advanced analytical chemistry interpretation.