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Logic Puzzle #37: HSQC or TOCSY, the correlations both look the same! … Solution

November 27, 2012

Hybrid experiments, like an HSQC-TOCSY experiment, add an extra dimension to its interpretation. It is through practice that one can become familiar with interpreting the data easily.

For an unknown compound, a 1H -13C HSQC-TOCSY spectrum was collected. There are 8 visible HSQC correlations circled in red and 10 TOCSY correlations circled in blue (numbered in pairs 1 to 6). The TOCSY correlations numbered 5 and 6 lack the corresponding pair in the expanded region of the spectrum.

The four corners of the orange box represent the HSQC and TOCSY correlations. The top right and bottom left are for the HSQC while the top left and bottom right are for the TOCSY contribution. For additional information on these types of experiments and more, I suggest the following Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry paper entitled Analysis and elimination of artifacts in indirect covariance NMR spectra via unsymmetrical processing.

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