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February 22-24, 2016
San Diego, CA, USA

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Guy Desmarquets, ACD/Labs

Guy Desmarquets, Vice President of Sales

Andrew Anderson, ACD/Labs

Andrew Anderson, VP Business Development

Presentation Schedule

Tuesday, February 23rd, 4:50 PM

Open Innovation Enablement Using Analytical Data Assemblies
Andrew Anderson

Abstract: Across industries, many firms are increasing their "external innovation" efforts—leveraging an ecosystem of external partners to discover, develop, and commercialize new products. A variety of informatics tools have been provisioned to facilitate facile lab-to-lab, or scientist-to-scientist collaboration. However, these tools often require "abstraction" of certain data types—especially data resulting from analytical experiments conducted to characterize materials. This case study aims to provide an overview of how forward-looking organizations are enriching their partner collaboration interfaces with rich, specialized, live data "assemblies."

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