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Power Lessons in ACD/Labs Software

October 12, 2022

October 12, 2022

Power Lessons are online webinars intended to offer an engaging learning experience to our customers. During these sessions we will demonstrate different ACD/Labs software and cover valuable tips & tricks as well as best practices to optimize your working time. We will also allocate time to answer your questions.

LC/MS Data Handling in Spectrus Processor

Oct. 12th

Session 1:9 AM EST

Session 2:1 PM EST

This Power Lesson will cover the following topics:

  • Interface overview
  • Importing data and structures—adjusting options, navigation
  • Handling of MSn data on import
  • General Integration
  • Peak detection—manual and automatic
  • Assigning structures to peaks
  • Averaging MS across a peak
  • Extracting a mass chromatogram
  • Formula generator
  • Spectrum simulator
  • Mass difference tool
  • Generating a report