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Webinar Series—Take Your Impurity Data Management from Excel to Accelerated

Part I—The Process Chemist's Workflow

September 18-20, 2018

Webinar summary

Pharmaceutical process development involves multi-disciplinary groups, with process chemists responsible for creating the API by the cheapest, most efficient route while ensuring product safety through effective impurity control measures. While mountains of analytical and chemical data are generated (LC/MS, HPLC, data, synthetic routes, reagents, starting materials, reaction conditions, etc.) each functional team has its own specific challenges based on their contributions to the process.

In the first webinar of this two-part series we will focus on how impurity data management software (Luminata) supports the process chemist's workflow.

If you are also interested in learning how analytical data can be managed in Luminata, read more about Part II in this Webinar Series.

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Key Learning Objectives

See how you can:

  • Conveniently centralize and assemble chemical process information, including route variants, while reducing tedious, time-consuming data transcription
  • Strategically scout route variants
  • Expedite selection of the optimal synthetic route
  • Review risk assessments and batch assessments to build robust control strategies
  • Collaborate effortlessly with team members to track impurities in real-time

In addition to all this, we will share stories from real users about the productivity gains they have made and how the software has contributed to efficiency in process route development while eliminating tedious, manual data transfer.

Intended Audience

  • VP/Director Process Development
  • Process chemists and scale-up chemists
  • API development teams
  • Development project team leaders