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ACD/Labs Joins Pistoia Alliance as Contributing Member

Toronto, Canada (April 11, 2011)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) the software developer known for their chemical and analytical data handling and knowledge management solutions, has joined the Pistoia Alliance as a contributing member. ACD/Labs will provide technical expertise to assist the Alliance's mission—to lower barriers to R&D innovation by improving the interoperability of business processes.

Mutually described precompetitive challenges amongst GSK, AZ, Pfizer, and Novartis in discovery informatics prompted the formation of the Pistoia Alliance. The Alliance has since fostered precompetitive collaboration by bringing life science companies, academics, vendors, and publishers together to identify the root causes and challenges that lead to R&D inefficiencies and develop best practices and technology pilots to overcome common obstacles. By promoting common standards, interfaces, and semantics, the Pistoia Alliance aims to optimize investments made by R&D companies and reduce the need for customized informatics solutions.

"ACD/Labs is in a unique position to provide technical insight to the Pistoia Alliance," says Hans de Bie, Director of Informatics at ACD/Labs. "In our 16 years of experience developing multi-technique and vendor-independent spectral, chromatographic, and chemical knowledge management software, we have developed strong relationships with instrument vendors, industry players, and academics. We are happy to lend our understanding and experience to the Pistoia Alliance as a contributing member."

In becoming a member of the Alliance, ACD/Labs reaffirms its commitment to developing software solutions that better enable companies to retain and leverage their research investment. ACD/Labs has recently announced development plans for a new generation of knowledge management software to unify data across analytical chemistry techniques and vendors, making the information available across corporate divisions, geographies, and generations in an intelligible and organizationally valuable way.

About ACD/Labs—Founded in 1994, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) has since supplied hundreds of industrial companies and academic organizations worldwide with software to speed research. Our solutions include fast and accurate prediction of molecular ADME/Tox and physical properties, property-based structure design, metabolite identification, analytical data processing and interpretation, chemical nomenclature, and chemical knowledge management. ACD/Labs is committed to ongoing development and improvement of its products, constantly improving the accuracy and usability of existing functionality, while also delivering exciting and innovative new capabilities aimed at solving customers' challenges. Learn more about ACD/Labs by visiting

About the Pistoia Alliance—The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit, precompetitive alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers, and academics that aims to lower barriers to innovation by improving the interoperability of R&D business processes. Initially conceived in 2007 by informatics experts at four "Top Five" pharma companies, the Pistoia Alliance now includes over 45 member companies. By assembling and aggregating common use cases, identifying specific, high-value areas of opportunity, and exploiting contemporary technologies and service delivery models, the Pistoia Alliance serves as a hub for envisioning information-based solutions that will drive innovation and productivity in the precompetitive domains of life science R&D. Learn more about the Pistoia Alliance by visiting

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