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Chemory, developed by Dr. Tamas Gunda, is a card matching game for chemistry enthusiasts of all levels. The object of the game is to match the corresponding pairs of cards using your memory and chemistry nomenclature knowledge. Two playing modes enable you to match a structure with its name, or match two structures of different representations. Choose from a number of game templates, allowing you to refine your nomenclature skills for amino acids, heterocyclics, carbohydrates, reagents, functional groups, and more. Increase the difficulty by changing the number of cards in your game. For a truly educational experience, take advantage of the special reveal (tutorial) mode which shows you all the matching pairs of the cards. Understanding nomenclature has never been easier!

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About Dr. Tamas Gunda

Dr. Gunda is a professor at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry within the Medical and Health Center of the University of Debrecen, Hungary. His association with ACD/Labs stems from conducting comparative reviews on the industry's leading chemical drawing programs, including ACD/ChemSketch. Tamas utilized ACD/Name, in the development of Chemory. We admire Dr. Gunda for his ongoing dedication towards making chemistry learning fun.