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The State of Scientific Analytical Data Management

Key Findings from 2018 Analytical Data Management Survey

The last decade has seen a perfect storm of increased outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, and mounting pressure on R&D organizations to provide more effective data management solutions—both from the perspective of internal best practices and increasingly mandated by regulatory authorities.

In an era where analytical instruments are becoming more and more sophisticated and the amount and types of data collected is increasing exponentially, we partnered with Cell Associates and C&EN to conduct a survey to learn:

  • How are laboratories currently managing the analytical data they produce?
  • Do researchers feel they are able to adequately manipulate, share, and retrieve data?
  • Download the full survey report for these answers and more.

"The amount of data we are generating now on a daily basis has tripled or quadrupled compared to when I started nine years ago. Finding a way to reign in all that data and make sense of it is something we need to focus on."

Matthew Onimus
(Associate Director, Merck & Co.)