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Reference ACD/Labs

When referencing Advanced Chemistry Development in online or printed material, you should follow the guidelines set out below for correct usage of our name and logo.

Company Name

The company name must be referred to at least once in a document (preferably the first time) as Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs). Thereafter, you may use ACD/Labs.

Logo Usage

Here are the preferred versions of our corporate logo. The background color of the logo must always be white; do not change color or introduce pattern.

ACD/Labs logo small
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Right-click and choose 'Save Target As' to save files.

Please e-mail with any questions.

ACD/ChemSketch Freeware References

Freeware users are permitted to place images and data from ACD/ChemSketch into publications. Please use the below Template and Examples for information on how to reference the ChemSketch software.

Literature Publications

To cite ACD/Labs software in literature publications, follow the guidelines below.

Write the official ACD/Labs product name, the software version number, followed by our corporate name, address, and year of the product release.

1. Product Name, version #.#, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada,, 2022.

1. ACD/ChemSketch, version 2021.1.3, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada,, 2022.