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Search the Aldrich NMR Library with ACD/Labs Software

  • Perform peak or spectral similarity searches against the Aldrich DB with one click.
  • View results as a spectral overlay for easy visual comparison of hit results.
  • Browse through the hit results using the arrow keys.
  • Perform structure, substructure, and structure similarity searches.
  • Hits can be reviewed in the database view.
  • Structure User Data is available for every record, and is fully searchable.

The Aldrich NMR Library for ACD/Labs offers direct access to thousands of high-resolution spectra through ACD/Spectrus Processor. The Library contains multiple spectra for more than 35,000 real products (normally 1H and 13C, with some DEPT or APT). With it, chemists can quickly verify their starting materials, and search for unknown chemicals or impurities within the analytical data-processing interface.



Integrating the Aldrich NMR Library with Spectrus Processor allows more efficient management of the analytical data workflow, freeing chemists' time for other important work.