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ACD/Spectrus Processor What's New

Version 2018.1

Data Import/Export

We continue to improve and support all major instrument vendor data formats. This version includes enhancements to the following:

Technique-Specific Processing & Analysis


Known Structure Identification Add-On

Simplify unknown compound identification/dereplication by determining whether the compounds' experimental 13C resonances match the predicted signals of known structures. Uses ACD/Labs leading, proprietary NMR prediction neural network algorithms.

Data Analysis

Multiple tools and improvements have been added to version 2018.1. The highlights include:

Additional tools have been added to improve spectral processing, 1D and 2D structure assignments, automated structure verification, data visualization, and software usability

Ease of Use


Data Analysis


Data Analysis

Improvements to peak detection algorithm for more comprehensive processing of chromatographic data

Refined processing options deliver the most relevant information from chromatographic data.


Data Analysis



Indexing and Searching