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What's New in ACD/AutoChrom

Version 2021

Version 2021 of AutoChrom improves existing features. Read below for details, and contact us for help upgrading your software.

Table of Contents

Improved Data Import

Improved Features

Better Handling of Peaks Near Gradient Breakpoints

Control Resolution and Co-elution with Additional Options

Sort and Revise Experiments

Display Custom Information in Standard Lists, Legends, and Tables

Improved Integration

Access More Features by Converting Flat Chromatograms into Hyphenated Data

Report Improvements

Refinements in Database Search Capabilities

Improved search for structures that include graphical objects, molecules with chiral centers, and data range values

Features for Other Techniques

You can use the Processor interface in AutoChrom to process data from other analytical techniques. (This is separate from the main method development features.) We've improved features for these techniques as well:

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