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What's New in ACD/AutoChrom

Version 2019

As of v2019 ACD/Spectrus is compiled in a 64-bit architecture allowing the software to take greater advantage of system resources.

Data Import

We continue to improve and support all major instrument vendor data formats. This version includes enhancements to the following:

Optimizing Mixed-Mode & HILIC Methods

Revise the pH of the strong phase for Mixed-Mode (IEC/RPC) Method
Mixed-Mode (IEC/RPC) Method

Easily report method strategies that includes Mobile Phase Screening
ChemSketch export templates

Improved pH Selection

Ease of Use

Import rider peaks from  Chromeleon
Import rider peaks from Thermo Fisher Scientific ATLAS and Chromeleon platforms

Technique-Specific Features

AutoChrom contains spectral processing capabilities for a variety of spectroscopic techniques.

Many other improvements have also been made to the software. Contact us below to learn more and to discuss updating your software installation.

Previous Software Versions