Chromatography Databases for Use With ACD/Labs Products
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ACD/Labs Chromatography Databases

A Collection of Chromatography Databases for use with ACD/Labs Products

ACD/Labs Chromatography Databases

ACD/Chromatography Applications Database

The ACD/Chromatography Applications Database included with ACD/ChromManager contains complete information on over 10,500 HPLC, GC, and CE separations, including experimental results. Each record, provided by leading column vendors, contains an experimental chromatogram, application information, origin of the data, and more. The database is fully searchable by a variety of structure, and text-based queries.

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ChirBase for ACD/Labs

ChirBase, ChirBase/GC, and ChirBase/CE for ACD/Labs are chiral applications databases which allow chromatographers to locate separation methods for similar compounds that have been studied before. Choosing these methods as a starting point for method development allows chromatographers to develop chiral separation methods more quickly.

All three of the ChirBase databases can be searched by structure, structure similarity, and substructure similarity. ChirBase/LC and ChirBase/GC can also be searched by a variety of experimental conditions, and separation parameters. Complete method or analyte information is provided with each entry, along with references.

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