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ACD/Spectrus Platform Overview Movie

ACD/Spectrus Platform—Let Your Data Live On


Scientists make decisions every day based on analytical chemistry experiments, yet the majority of organizations do not have adequate informatics systems to allow that data to be effectively shared and re-used.

The ACD/Spectrus Platform enables organizations to capture and re-use the analytical intelligence gathered from data generated to solve problems and answer questions. Uniquely connect live analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-neutral environment to store knowledge that can be accessed, searched, and instantly reviewed/reprocessed to aid future R&D projects.

ACD/Spectrus Overview Movie: Let Your Data Live On

Give Life to your Analytical Data on the ACD/Spectrus Platform

Store data in context Intimately link chemical structure/reaction schema, recipes; any/all relevant information
Retain chemical intelligence Capture interpretations and connect structural moieties with spectral elements
Make knowledge accessible
Search by spectral elements, structure/substructure, or text queries
Instantly review, re-analyze, or re-process
Unify in one environment
Handle NMR, LC/MS, GC/MS, chromatographic method development and optimization, IR, Raman, and other analytical data (e.g. XRPD, thermal) regardless of instrument vendor
Process, interpret, analyze, and review in a chemically intelligent environment

Share analytical intelligence, not just data, with the ACD/Spectrus Platform.