Toronto, CANADA (March 20, 2018)—ACD/Labs, a leading provider of scientific informatics technologies since 1994, today announced the court filing of a copyright infringement suit against Mestrelab Research, S.L. in Barcelona, Spain.

The lawsuit asserts that ACD/Labs’ proprietary software source code has been directly incorporated into MNova IUPAC Name software recently released by Mestrelab Research. MestreLab Research’s management was notified repeatedly about the concern but refused to acknowledge the possible infringement prior to the court filing.

It is ACD/Labs policy to protect intellectual property.

ACD/Labs firmly believes in mutually enriching partnerships with industry vendors, fair business practices, pre-competitive collaborations, and active engagement with companies and associations that share this goal.

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About ACD/Labs—ACD/Labs is a leading provider of scientific informatics technologies to R&D organizations that rely on analytical data and molecular information for decision-making, problem-solving, and product lifecycle control. Our software automates and accelerates molecular characterization, product development, and knowledge management.

We integrate with existing informatics systems and undertake custom projects including enterprise-level automation.

ACD/Labs solutions are used globally in a variety of industries including pharma/biotech, chemicals, consumer goods, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, and academic/government institutions. We provide worldwide sales and support, and more than 20 years of experience and success helping organizations accelerate R&D and leverage corporate intelligence.