The technological development of LC-MS instrumentation has led to significant improvements of performance and sensitivity, enabling high-throughput analysis of complex samples, such as plant extracts. Most software suites allow preprocessing of LC-MS chromatograms to obtain comprehensive information on single constituents. However, more advanced processing needs, such as the systematic and unbiased comparative metabolite profiling of large numbers of complex LC-MS chromatograms remains a challenge. Currently, users have to rely on different tools to perform such data analyses. We developed a two-step protocol comprising a comparative metabolite profiling tool integrated in ACD/MS Workbook Suite, and a web platform developed in R language designed for clustering and visualization of chromatographic data. Initially, all relevant chromatographic and spectroscopic data (retention time, molecular ions with the respective ion abundance, and sample names) are automatically extracted and assembled in an Excel spreadsheet. The file is then loaded into an online web application that includes various statistical algorithms and provides the user with tools to compare and visualize the results in intuitive 2D heatmaps. We applied this workflow to LC-ESIMS profiles obtained from 69 honey samples. Within few hours of calculation with a standard PC, honey samples were preprocessed and organized in clusters based on their metabolite profile similarities, thereby highlighting the common metabolite patterns and distributions among samples. Implementation in the ACD/Laboratories software package enables ulterior integration of other analytical data, and in silico prediction tools for modern drug discovery.