Toronto, Canada (April, 29, 2010)—After the acquisition of ChemSpider by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in May 2009, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is happy to announce a continuing collaboration with the project.

When the ChemSpider online chemistry database and property prediction service was originally released in the Spring of 2007, ACD/Labs was one of the first software providers to support the venture by providing access to our PhysChem prediction software. Since the acquisition and re-launch of ChemSpider by the Royal Society of Chemistry, ACD/Labs continues to make available predictions of logP, logD (at various pHs), Lipinski rule-of-5 values, boiling point, and a number of other molecular properties so that ChemSpider users can utilize these predicted properties in their research. These tools are not only helpful to scientists working in R&D, but may also be a resource for companies looking to fill data gaps for REACH compliance.

“The contribution of the PhysChem prediction modules by ACD/Labs to integrate into the ChemSpider platform brings great benefit to our users,” comments Antony Williams, VP of Strategic Development and Host of ChemSpider at RSC. “Drug discovery and environmental scientists especially will benefit from the array of properties that we make available. We are grateful to ACD/Labs for their contribution to the community.”

As a part of one of the world’s leading chemical societies ChemSpider will continue to grow and become a primary online resource for the chemical community. In being a partner of this venture, ACD/Labs holds true to their mission of providing solutions to help accelerate R&D, and ease the dissemination of chemical knowledge.

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