Streamlining Analytical Data Interpretations at the University of Angers

Angers, France (May 19, 2015)—The Plant & Environmental research division at the University of Angers houses a wide group of research teams working at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Recently the Naturally Occurring Substances and Structural Analogues (SONAS) group added ACD/NMR Workbook Suite, ACD/MS Workbook Suite, ACD/Chrom Workbook, and the Aldrich NMR Library from ACD/Labs to their workflow, increasing their data interpretation efficiency and knowledge sharing between researchers.

The three Workbooks each bring unique interpretation algorithms, but when installed together, operate as one seamless software environment, allowing the import and advanced interpretation of many different analytical spectra (from different instruments) in a single software application. Researchers at SONAS will thus be able to process, interpret, and report results for all of their data (such as NMR, GC/MS, LC/MS, and IR) in one place. Additionally, this software suite databases all spectral data and interpretations/user notes in a fully-searchable database, keeping the data “alive” for future analysis at any time.

SONAS plans to take advantage of these features, streamlining the data interpretation workflow and creating their own reference library of processed/ interpreted spectra from ongoing experiments. The knowledge will be shared among all users, and preserved for future researchers – very important in an academic environment where student researchers are obviously encouraged to graduate and move on. With the Aldrich NMR Library added to the software suite, researchers also have access to over 35,000 experimental NMR spectra, a valuable resource for identifying known structures and sub-structures which will also help the group elucidate new structures. “As a practical example, SONAS is at the moment developing the semisynthetic chemodiversification of complex plant extracts, so the ACD/Labs software suite is particularly useful for the quick and efficient dereplication of phytochemical analysis,” said M. Pascal Richomme.

About ACD/Labs
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The Naturally Occurring Substances and Structural Analogues (Substances d’Origine Naturelle et Analogues Structuraux, SONAS) is a unit located in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Engineering of the University of Angers. The unit’s research areas focus on phytochemistry and organic syntheses (or oxygen-nitrogen heterocycles), searching for new molecules, natural or synthetic, with therapeutic potential (antioxidants, anti-AGEs, cytotoxic, pesticides, etc.), and structural analysis by the most advanced spectroscopic methods (NMR & MS).